lokyst's FFXI Projects

I no longer play Final Fantasy XI; however, I will leave this site up for those who find these tools useful. (2008-07-12)

The FFXI Crafting Timer

The code for this timer is based heavily on the FFXI Timer by Pyogenes. The crafting difficulty is calculated according to the method originally described by Purplenv, but he has since removed his post. However, a quick Google search revealed that the original post is mirrored here. There also appears to be a cleaned up description of the approach on the FFXIclopedia, but I cannot vouch that the two methods are identical since I do not wish to spend the time comparing them.

If you mirror the craft timer please provide a link back to this site. Thanks.

The Clamming Kit

A simple webpage page that keeps track of the weight of the contents of your bucket and a list of the items inside. Also provides a warning sign when you can trade in your bucket.

Weaponskill Chart

Yet another weapon skill chart. This features an alternative layout to Aden's Renkei chart, as well as a monster element weakness table with updated CoP information.